What I’ve been working on … pt. 2

Posted: 04/05/2010 in Discipleship, Family Ministry

Spiritual Influence. pdf

Here is one of the first questions that comes to my mind. Keeping in mind, that this is the ideal, what if a student comes from outside the church, from non-chirstian background (such as myself)? Does the “local church” bubble become more significant than the family bubble? We can’t (shouldn’t) replace the parents, the relationship changes … right? How does the local church respond in this situation?

Looking for some help thinking this through.

  1. I think we’re (the Church) responsible to replace the family inasmuch as their Deut 6/Eph 6:4 responsibility is concerned. The same limits apply as with the church and state. Where the parents fail, the church steps in. i.e. Where the government fails, the church steps in.

    Do you think that analogy holds? BTW, I wasn’t reading because I hadn’t found this yet. Welcome back to the blog world.

    • pataldridge says:

      Jared –
      Thanks for coming by and checking out the new blog (finally). 🙂

      As far as your comment goes, I think you are right. If the parents are either unwilling or unable to train their children spiritually, the church has to step in and become that influence.

      Ministering in this situation is more difficult because of time. It will need to be intentional.

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