The Awesome & the not so about T4G

Posted: 04/12/2010 in Conference

I am getting really pumped about the Together for the Gospel conference. There are several things that are AWESOME about the next 3 days:
1. “Road trip!” Need I say more; actually, yes I do.
2. “Road trip … with the fellas” We are bringing 20+ guys with us from Redeemer Fellowship. Pastors, elders, worship leaders, future church planters, and guys who just want to know Jesus better.
3. Great preaching.
4. Great (free) resources.
5. Getting to hang out with people I know almost exclusively over the phone / internet (Wednesday lunch – more on that in a later post.)

There are a few things that are not so awesome about going to this conference:
1. Someone (Rob Warford) decided we needed to be on the road by 5am (ungodly hour to be awake … in my opinion).
2. Missing time at home with family … which will make Thursday that much sweeter when we get home.
3. Having to stop every 2 hours to let Joe Thorn use the bathroom. (All this running he is doing has obviously shrunk his bladder.) Sorry Joe, had to go there before someone else did.

The awesome outweighs the not so. Praying for safe travel, good fellowship, and hearts that are receptive to what God is doing.


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