8 Reasons Christian Kids Rebel

Posted: 09/02/2010 in Children's Ministry, Family Ministry, Lessons from reading, Parenting

I’m only 2 chapters into Why Christian Kids Rebel by Dr. Tim Kimmel (Thomas Nelson, 2004) and I have to say I am loving this book! It’s hitting the nail on the head. Dr. Kimmel ends the second chapter with a list of 8 reasons why Christian kids (kids growing up in Christian homes) rebel. They rebel because:

1. They are actually lost and don’t know Christ personally.
2. They are angry at God.
3. They are mad at their parents.
4. The strengths of their personalities are pushed to extremes.
5. They are in a state of confusion or disillusion.
6. They are in bondage.
7. It’s an essential part of their pilgrimage.
8. They are reacting to flaws within the “brand” of Christianity they are being exposed to.

For me, #2 to hits very close to home, and #7 is intriguing and I need to think about it (and the implications) more. Which one resonate with you and why?


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