Using Discipline to teach the Gospel

Posted: 12/08/2010 in Children's Ministry, Family Ministry, Lessons from reading, Parenting

This list is taken from Gospel-Powered Parenting by William P. Farley, published by P & R Publishing, copyright 2009, pgs. 167 – 169.

1. Be consistent.
2. Discipline in the context of love.
3. When appropriate, reference Scripture.
4. Make sure it hurts.
5. Hold the child until they stop crying.
6. Use discipline to rehearse the Gospel.
7. Ask them to verbally confess the specific sin.

As the author reminds us, ” … the heart of our children’s heart is a problem heart. Therefore, we should aim our discipline at heart attitudes, not behavior.” (pg. 173)

Do you agree or disagree? Where do you struggle as a parent?

  1. Wm. P. Farley says:

    Thanks for the kind comments about “Gospel Powered Parenting.” Hope the book is helpful.

    Bill Farley

  2. pataldridge says:

    Mr Farley –
    Thanks for stoping by. It’s an honor to have the author stop by and comment. I am really enjoying your book and it is encouraging me to be a better: follower of God, husband, father, & pastor.
    Thanks for writing this important book!

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