5 Things I want my kids to know about God

Posted: 02/05/2011 in Children's Ministry, Family Ministry

There are certain things I want to make sure my kids know. When it comes to the things of God, I believe parents have the primary responsibility to teach their kids about God. Here are some of the things we have been focusing on lately. This is not an exhaustive list, just what we have been discussing lately and they are in no particular order.

God is:

1. Creator.
God created all things by using just His voice. He spoke all that is into existence, including humans. Since God doesn’t do anything by mistake or accident, every human has value and worth. He created people to know Him and be in a relationship with Him, in order to bring Him glory.

2. Holy.
God is different from us, He is holy. He is other, He is perfect, and He is without defect or sin. In order to be in a relationship with Him, He demands us to be perfect and holy as well.

3. Savior.
Since we are sinful and God demands holy perfection, Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sin. As the Son of God, Jesus lived a perfect sinless life, died on the cross, rose again three days later thereby destroying death, and now is seated by God’s right hand interceding on our behalf. Jesus restores our broken relationship with God.

4. Sovereign.
Everything that happens, is by God’s design. Nothing that happens, is outside His will. Everything that happens is for His glory and our good.

5. Sustainer.
God’s Holy Spirit resides within those who believe. He perfects our prayers, acts as our counselor, and sustains us in our times of greatest need.

As we move in the next different direction for family devotions, we will continue to expand our knowledge of God and His character. What does your list look like?

  1. […] If you had to boil it down to five things you want your kids to know about God, what they be? What are the “big ones?” Share your thoughts in the comments. By the way, Pat gave his answers here. […]

  2. gloria Dyet says:

    God does not lie.

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