Books vs. Movies

Posted: 01/14/2012 in Lessons from reading

Growing up, I read The Chronicles of Narnia. This was before I was a believer. The story was right in my “wheelhouse” (be a geek about most things sci-fi and/or fantasy). When the movies started coming out a few years ago, I was understandably excited. Recently I downloaded from Itunes the podcast of all 7 books in audio book form. Listening to them as I go to and from work I’ve come again to the same conclusion: Generally speaking, the book is better than the movie.

What other books is this true of? The Lord of the Rings? (Another group of books I read growing up … again, in my wheelhouse … sensing a theme here …)

This is what I love about the fact my kids love reading!

Feel free to share your thoughts.


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