Tweets of the Week 1/14/12

Posted: 01/14/2012 in Tweets

Sharing with you a few of the tweets that got my attention this week:

Scotty Smith
9 Jan
As followers of Jesus, at our worse, he thoroughly delights in us; at our best, we are desperate for his mercy & grace

Tullian Tchividjian
9 Jan
Sanctification involves the objective reality of the past (pardoned full and free) impacting the subjective reality of the present.

Ryan Huguley
10 Jan
When we diminish the POWER of God we hesitate to depend on the PERSON of God.

Rick Warren
11 Jan
Circumstances dont make me miserable. My response does.

Tim Brister
12 Jan
There is no shortage of steadfast love in God so that there may no shortage of soul gladdening joy in you.

Jonathan Dodson
12 Jan
Genuine faith tips into conviction. If you really trust in something, you’ll be passionate about it.

12 Jan
True for most all of us: The more we study our Bibles, the less we’ll say wrong things. Do the work.

JR Vassar
13 Jan
God, grant me fire in my bones, truth on my lips, and love in my heart.

JD Bridges
13 Jan
The Gospel is our assurance God isn’t hoping we’ll do better next time.


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