Tweets of the Week 1.24.12

Posted: 01/24/2012 in Tweets

Here are the latest tweets from the last week (or so) that caught my attention,

Corby Stephens
Belief is manifested in actions, both our actions and God’s.

Jonathan Dodson
If your mind isn’t being stretched, then you’re not reading your Bible.

Chris Poblete
A good measure of fruit in ministry is not how much “stuff” you do, but how deep your disciples go – and how deeply they take others.

Nothing never happens when we pray

Justin Buzzard
Some husbands are better at dating their laptops and iphones than dating their wives.

Randy Alcorn
Truth without grace crushes people. Grace without truth deceives people.

Philip Nation
Gospel is not a buzzword. Mission is not a fad. Church is not antiquated. Unless your ego gets in the way.

Steve Timmis
The best way to motivate people to action is to expose their hearts to the hot fire of grace.

Ray Ortlund
Sin often feels normal, even moral. It’s another reason we need to follow the Bible, not our own sense of things.

  1. Honored! Thanks man. Just subscribed to your blog.

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