Tweets of the Week 1/31/12

Posted: 01/31/2012 in Uncategorized

If the website is Twitter, shouldn’t these be “twits” of the week? #AlwaysWondered

Sam Luce
Leaders are readers but readers aren’t necessarily leaders.

Greg Baird
If parents are not living the Gospel chances are their efforts at sharing the Gospel with their kids will be relatively fruitless. #KidMin

J.C. Ryle
“People fall in private, long before they fall in public.”

@markins, @ronhunter
“In order for a man to be courageous, he must know the truth about who God is.” @DennisRainey

Brad House
Ownership inspires passion, which leads to action. #community

Stephen Miller
God rescued us from Himself, by Himself, for Himself.

Matt Chandler
May the Spirit grant us changed hearts rather than restrained hearts

Matt Chandler
Those who find themselves utterly captivated by the gospel can hardly be entertained by anything else.

Elyse Fitzpatrick
As you face trial, remember that He’s been tried in the same way. He knows suffering and he’s praying for you that your faith will not fail.

Noel Piper
@Noel Piper
If you carry all the burdens by yourself, you’re burning out & disobedient. You are not the Savior. @DarrinPatrick #dgpascon

Pop’s lessons in manhood– 1. Out of struggle comes strength. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
Pop’s lessons in manhood– 2. Out of strength comes discipline. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
Pop’s lessons in manhood– 3. Out of discipline comes integrity. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon
Pop’s lessons in manhood– 4. Out of integrity comes your inheritance. @CrawfordLoritts #dgpascon

Josh Howerton
Christian: you will never face a problem in your life that you care about more than your heavenly Father. Rest.


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