A Reason to Love #kidmin

Posted: 02/13/2012 in Children's Ministry, Family Ministry, Parenting

This is, by far, the best part of this job! I just got done sending an email to the women who taught my kids class yesterday at church. Their lesson and their lives impacted my kids.

After church, while at lunch, I asked the kids what they had learned that morning. Their class is using the Children’s Desiring God curriculum titled “The ABC’s of God“. It choices a letter of the alphabet to describe and explain an attribute of God. Yesterday’s letter was “Z” for Zealous. At lunch, my kids explained that being zealous means you do something with all your strength and energy. Not a bad definition for a 7-year-old.

Later that night, before bed, I asked them again. When I got the same answer, I decided to challenge them by asking what verse they learned about. While they had to “tag-team” it they came up with Isaiah 42:16. Being very skeptical I had my daughter grab her Bible off the shelf in the living room (an ESV Grow Bible for those keeping score at home) and read that verse. They were right on!

This is why children’s ministry is important! It does has lasting impact on future generations! It may be a “sowing” instead of “reaping” type of ministry; but so what, no one will reap what is never sowed! Thanks children’s ministry workers. You play a critically important role in partnering with parents in the spiritual formation of the next generation!


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