Tweets of the Week 4.2.12

Posted: 04/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Here is the most recent batch of tweets that caught my attention.

Perry Noble
People that are afraid of hard work will rarely see any progress!

Darrin Patrick
If you are a grace addict, then you will be a holiness practitioner

Andy Stanley
If you want to know what Jesus MEANT, pay attention to what He DID.

Ryan Huguley
The difference between a vision and a mere idea is a clear strategy

Trevor Lee
Family ministry starts with passion, succeeds through vision, perseveres with investment & ends with repeating the process.

Philip Nation
Danger in our relationship with Christ begins with a simple & understated movement: drifting.

James MacDonald
Law demands; love pleads. Law shouts; love weeps. Law pressures; love waits. Law destroys; love prays. Philemon vv8-9

Corby Stephens
The more you ponder holiness of God, the more you will understand how sinful we are, and appreciate the grace that only comes through Jesus.

Dr. Crawford Loritts
Sin should frightens us. It is the enemy of our growth. It causes us to lose the ability to do what is right. God help us. Amos 3:10

Jared C Wilson
Benefits of a weak/small but true faith? Crawling your sorry self across the finish line, Jesus, arms out, says, “Well done!”

Paul David Tripp
It’s not just forgiveness, but a brand new identity as well ~ GRACE.

Justin Buzzard
The gospel: The good news that you don’t have to do anything to be forgiven & loved, Jesus did it for you.


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