Links I Liked 4.3.12

Posted: 04/03/2012 in Children's Ministry, Family Ministry, Links, Parenting, Youth Ministry

Here is the latest batch of blog posts that caught my attention. In case anyone is wondering, these are in no particular order.

Doug Fields had a post titled “The 7 Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible” It was a guest post, and once it got on topic I really liked the 7 practices.

Carey Nieuwhof over at Orange Parents wrote a post “What Every Son Needs from His Dad“. Great stuff for dads at any stage of “dadhood” (yeah I just coined that word).

Will Walker over at GCD (Gospel Centered Discipleship) work a post titled “Gospel-Centered Parenting“. Good stuff and deals with all of redemptive history.

And finally,

Ryan Huguley had a post titled “19 Questions To Better Understand Your Wife“. Husbands, please read this … for the sake of your marriage and families, read this.

Hope you find these as helpful and insightful as I did. If you find anything something I missed, send it my way.


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