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Here are some things that caught my attention from around the world wide web.

Trevin Wax over at the Gospel Coalition had a great post about the value of stay at home moms. Great encouragement for those who are able.

Gospel Centered Discipleship had a great series of posts on “Kids in the Family of God” by Ben Connelly. Here parts 1, 2, and 3.

Matthew Molesky reminds us all how to fight fear. A needed read and reminder for me.

CJ Mahaney had a great post on the Grace of the Lord Jesus. While I’m still digesting this, it’s good (… and obviously too deep for me).



After a week of vacation, I’m back … and so here is this week’s blog posts that caught my eye (the week before I left).

Greg Baird over on kidmin360 had a post on how to evaluate ministry.

Sally Lloyd Jones had a post at Desiring God about the importance of teaching children the Bible is not about them.

Sam Luce had a post on his blog asking the question “Are youth and kids ministry unbiblical?

Matt Guevara over on truministry answers the question, “What is family ministry?

Jeff Medders pointed me to a post at Desiring God about weapons in the fight for holiness.

Over on youth ministry a post was written to remind pastors about the priority of family over ministry.

Youth Worker Movement had a post about avoiding ministry burnout.

My hope in sharing these is that they help, inspire, motivate, challenge you as they did me.

Here is the latest batch of things that caught my attention around the web:

Gospel Centered Discipleship had a re-post by Justin Buzzard entitled “How to Disciple a New Believer“.

Epic Parent had a eye-opening post on “Acceptable Child Abuse“.  EVERY parent needs to read this.

Kevin Scott had a great post about “Things a Daughter Needs From Her Father“.

Jeff Bethke posted on “10 Things you have to do if you want the next generation to listen“.

Craig Jutila over at Empowering Leaders had a great post on “Questions to ask before making a change“.

Most of you have probably already seen these, but in case you missed them here’s what I’ve been reading and being challenged by online.

Sam Luce has been “Redefining Ministry”.  Here are parts 1 and 2.

Greg Baird reminded us of “10 Stupid things We Do In Children’s Ministry” (or any ministry for that matter).

Nathan Bingham linked to an blog post by Michael Hyatt entitled “4 Characteristics of Effective Communication“.

Tim Challies had a post on “Why People Backslide“.

Hope these help and encourage you as they have me.

Yes, this used to be called “Links I liked”. I’ve re-named it for 2 reasons:
1. “Links I Liked” isn’t as creative as I thought it was (others are using it).
2. The new title “Web Slinging” is deeply rooted in my comic book geekery.

So here’s what people are talking about on the web that caught my attention:

Over at Sojourn Kids they have posted a series of posts on the topic of “Lies That Keep Parents From Praying”. Jared’s wife Megan wrote them and they are excellent. Here are all 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

P.S. – Jared, encourage Megan to write more!

Carey Nieuwhof wrote a post for Orange Parents on the importance of kids having someone else to talk to. This is a great reminder of why kids need other adults in their lives. Parents are primary, other adults are a second voice.

Brian Croft over at Practical Shepherding had a great reminder for pastors on the areas they need to be growing in each year. So how are you doing?

And finally ..

Doug Fields had a post entitled 5 ways to maximize your day of rest. A very helpful reminder in our ever busying world.

Here are the latest batch of blog posts that caught my eye 2 weeks ago. I attended “Together for the Gospel” (T4G) and didn’t have a chance to post them. Hope they encourage and challenge you the way they did me.

Chris Spradlin over at Epicparent had a post about the importance of honoring Childrens/Youth/Family Pastors. Great read and reminder.

Ministry-to-Children had a great post with awesome idea to grow the faith of pre-teens. Worth thinking about.

Family Ministry Today repost a post by Dr. Russell Moore asking the question is Easter to Violent for Kids?

Greg Baird over at kidmin360 had a guest post on the importance of being a leader producer.

And finally …

David Murray over at HeadHeartHand had a helpful post with children’s Bible reading plans.

Here is the latest batch of blog posts that caught my attention. In case anyone is wondering, these are in no particular order.

Doug Fields had a post titled “The 7 Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible” It was a guest post, and once it got on topic I really liked the 7 practices.

Carey Nieuwhof over at Orange Parents wrote a post “What Every Son Needs from His Dad“. Great stuff for dads at any stage of “dadhood” (yeah I just coined that word).

Will Walker over at GCD (Gospel Centered Discipleship) work a post titled “Gospel-Centered Parenting“. Good stuff and deals with all of redemptive history.

And finally,

Ryan Huguley had a post titled “19 Questions To Better Understand Your Wife“. Husbands, please read this … for the sake of your marriage and families, read this.

Hope you find these as helpful and insightful as I did. If you find anything something I missed, send it my way.