Tweets of the Week 7.21.12

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Here are the tweets that caught my attention:

We want to change our circumstances. God wants to change us.

Don’t look at leading and serving as two separate options but as two sides of the same coin.

We don’t have to go to Africa to be a “missionary”. Let’s start with our backyard. Engage culture. Preach Jesus. Make disciples.

I read Scripture for the same reason I eat meals; I’m hungry.

Too often, “laypeople” often think their job is to “pay, pray, get out of the way.”

Clarity on the story of God is the prerequisite for understanding your own.

Grace grows churches. Grace grows relationships. Grace grows what was once dying.

Our theology of sanctification must have at its very center the person and power of the Holy Spirit.

Sprint from lust; marathon for life.

Simple churches have a clearly defined process that moves people to higher levels of commitment.

You’ve been called to submit, but rest is never found in your submission, but Christ’s willing submission to the Father on your behalf.

Common, too common is the sin of forgetting the Holy Spirit. This is folly and ingratitude. -Spurgeon

Childrens Pastors never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

You can lead someone with poor reading comprehension skills to context, but you can’t make them think.

Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling.

Own ur brokenness, don’t let ur brokenness own you. Reach 4 the garments of grace, not the hairshirt of victimization

“sex in marriage is so important the devil does everything he can to get us into bed before we are married & stay out of bed when we are”

Don’t wait until you feel like forgiving. Once you choose to forgive, Satan will have lost his power over you in that area. Dr Neil Anderson

Child-centered parenting produces self-centered children.

Pity the children whose parents sense of self-worth is tied to their kid’s maturity

Until you are convinced that you can’t change your child’s heart, you will not take prayer seriously. – Paul Miller

Believing right doctrine will no more save you, than doing good works will save you. — Charles Spurgeon

Don’t just consume the creativity around you. Instead, allow it to spark the creativity within you.

There are no wasted tears in the Christian life.

Be careful of agreeing with God in the abstract, but refusing Him in the reality.

If we would listen more and proselytize less, we would evangelize better.

If we are dominated by fear then we cannot operate in faith!

The more we see ourselves as needing forgiveness, the more likely we are to forgive others.

PASTOR: Don’t motivate people with an unholy trinity of guilt, shame and regret

The saddest summary of life contains 3 descriptions: could have, might have, & should have-Louis Boone


After a week of vacation, I’m back … and so here is this week’s blog posts that caught my eye (the week before I left).

Greg Baird over on kidmin360 had a post on how to evaluate ministry.

Sally Lloyd Jones had a post at Desiring God about the importance of teaching children the Bible is not about them.

Sam Luce had a post on his blog asking the question “Are youth and kids ministry unbiblical?

Matt Guevara over on truministry answers the question, “What is family ministry?

Jeff Medders pointed me to a post at Desiring God about weapons in the fight for holiness.

Over on youth ministry a post was written to remind pastors about the priority of family over ministry.

Youth Worker Movement had a post about avoiding ministry burnout.

My hope in sharing these is that they help, inspire, motivate, challenge you as they did me.

HT – Jeff Medders

Tweets of the Week 7.7.12

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Enjoy these tweets that got me thinking:

Jesus, grant us eyes to your indelible image in all people today, more so than the things that too easily irritate us

God’s care for you is secure because is does not depend on your faithfulness, but on his.

Humility isn’t disinterested, quiet passivity, it’s actively passionate selflessly other-centeredness.

May my true passion and driving motivation for ministry be only for the glory of Christ in all things and the salvation of the lost.

You will not regret anything you give up for Jesus. But you will regret everything you hold back.

“Spiritual maturity is not an end in itself, but a gift for others.” –David Powlison

Right now counts forever. — R.C. Sproul

“Most of the noise in our souls is generated by our attempts to control the uncontrollable (Ps 131).” David Powlison

Mission naturally happens when the gospel rightly rooted in our life.

Preachers: Preaching reveals how much you love talking to people. Prayer reveals how much you love talking to God.

Artificial maturity is a result of information without experience.

Gospel: Just Look. Religion: Just Do it.

Warning that something needs to change: You have a growing ministry and a shrinking heart.

A lifetime of success will never compare to a lifetime of purpose.

Worship is your identity before it’s your activity. You don’t worship once a week, you worship your way through each moment of each day.

Low expectation churches make it too easy for people to drop out.

Forgiveness does not destroy our memory.

A deed done for the glory of God in response to grace is ‘good’. A deed done for any other reason, though beneficial, is not truly ‘good’.

The glorious bookends of instantaneous justification & glorification make progressive sanctification a journey to enjoy

Here are the some things I found around the web, maybe you missed them … maybe not … all are worth a look.

Carey Nieuwhof wrote a post over at Orange Parents about parental influence (how it’s gained and lost). Good stuff.

Brian Croft had a post on Practical Shepherding about how pastors can affirm the priority of the family.  It’s short but didn’t go where I thought it would.

Sam Luce had a post on his blog about protecting kids from materialism.

Dustin Neely had an essential post over at the Gospel Coalition on the importance of leading your family well.  As pastors please read this!

Greg Baird posted on kidmin360 the traps that catch kidmin leaders. Very helpful.

Thom Rainer had about post on his blog about leadership that I found helpful, hopefully you will too.

Tweets of the week 6.26.12

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Here is the newest batch of tweets that made me think:

unprocessed pain make us read things into situations that don’t exist, processed pain gives the benefit of the doubt

No promise broken, no provision not delivered, no need unmet, his presence never denied, his power freely given, now that’s grace!

Bible in a nutshell – God’s purpose is to have a people for himself: a people he reveals his glory to; a people he displays his glory thru’.

Resting in Christ happens when we live like Christ has already done the most important work.

God loves sinners. It’s his specialty. Not a sinner? No grace for you.

The church is not an audience of spectators; we are a fellowship of disciple-makers.

We were created out of community (the Trinity) for community (the Body of Christ). If you don’t have it, you’re not living fully.

“Grace ceases to be grace if God is compelled to bestow it in the presence of human merit.” Sam Storms

WEATHER: Partly sinful today with a 100% chance of undeserved grace. Scattered love of God through the rest of the week.

As it turns out, parenting is kind of tough. Who knew?

Faithfulness always leads to fruitfulness in God’s eyes but not always to successfulness in man’s eyes.

“No Christian is in a healthy state of mind who is not prepared for trouble and persecution.”

“Any attempt at Christian spirituality that does not include at its heart a reverence for God’s Word is vague at best.” @chrispoblete

Your heart was made for Him. Don’t let the world take hold of it.

@mattguevaraWorry is essentially a misuse of imagination. – Alex Osborn

Truth hates sin. Grace loves sinners. Those full of grace and truth—those full of Jesus—do both.

Life is hard. Compromise is tempting. Critics are real. But Jesus’ love is always enough. It sustains us, empowers us, & encourages us.

Love is not possible, at least for long, without the healing work of forgiveness.

Our encouragement for our kids should always stimulate praise for God’s grace rather than for their own goodness. Build hope in His power.

living in community is hard on our schedule… living in isolation is hard on our soul.

“We must teach our children to treasure Christ more than the possessions of this world.” @plattdavid

Spending time with people teaches me their questions. Spending time with God teaches me the answers.

The fruit of a ministry is not best measured by what is said or written, but by the character & type of ldrs we produce.

The problem with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are usually unemployed. -unknown

I finished reading Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard over the weekend and wanted to write the review right there and then. Unfortunately, other plans got in the way. This book lived up to the hype! It’s now on my “must-read” list for husbands.

What I liked

Buzzard starts with the big problem and solution in  marriage. He starts with the second most important truth you learn from reading his book:

You (men) are what’s wrong with your marriage. It’s your fault. (chapter 3 – Where Marriages go wrong, Part 1: The husband. Kindle edition)

He then spends the next several chapters explaining how men have failed to cultivate and guard their marriages. The husband fails to cultivate and guard because he believes the victory is won, the prize is obtained, and the mission is over just because he got married.  What the husband fails to realize is that this is only the beginning and he soon realizes that to guard and cultivate requires abilities he doesn’t have.   (These are thoughts I’ve had, and I love when people smarter than me say things I’ve been thinking, and say it better than I would).

Which leads to the most important truth that Buzzard brings to light.

Now let’s hear the most important truth: Jesus makes men new – Jesus turns husbands like you and me into the best thing that ever happened to our marriages. (chapter 6 Where marriages go right, part 1: The husband. Kindle edition)

Buzzard goes on to explain the differing definitions for the word “responsibility”.  Is it:

My response to His ability.


My response to the One who took responsibility for my mess.

The first one is good, the second one is better. It better describes the gospel and a husbands need for it.  Jesus is the ONLY one who has the power to make men new, not just better.  It’s the power of the gospel that makes marriages new and what they should be.

Buzzard ends the book with a reminder to men that they need to dream.  Dream of what a new and perfect (in light of the gospel) marriage would be like.  Dream of how (with the power of the gospel) to make it reality.  Here he gives several practical suggestions on how to do this.


Every husband, every man, every boy that wants to be a man, needs to read this book! It is gospel rich, practical and if that’s not enough it’s entertaining to boot! Men, get this book, read this book, and let Jesus make your marriage new!